Helicopter Emergency Medical Services in Finland

FinnHEMS 51 – Rovaniemi

The Rovaniemi base is located at the Rovaniemi Airport. The new, permanent base was finished in July 2016.

From the Rovaniemi base, the paramedic-staffed HEMS helicopter can reach the Rovaniemi region all the way to the towns of Tervola, Pello, Kemijärvi, and Sodankylä within 30 minutes of dispatch. The hospital districts in the border region between Finland, Sweden, and Norway have agreed to cooperate in the arctic region. Through the cooperation, the hospital districts aim to better ensure that help reaches those living in the border region.

On average, the base carries out five missions in a day and about 1,900 missions in a year. Most missions are due to stroke, chest pain or breathing difficulties. The HEMS unit is dispatched to a scene of emergency by the emergency response centre.

Staff and key people

HEMS operations require seamless cooperation between professionals from various fields. In total, the Rovaniemi FinnHEMS 51 base has 27 employees: 9 HEMS paramedics, 12 pilots, and 6 HEMS crew members. In addition, FinnHEMS medical and flight experts and the flight operator’s experts continuously work to maintain the high quality and safety of HEMS operations.

At the Rovaniemi base, the emergency medical services are operated by the Lapland Hospital District and flight operations by Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance AB.

Physician-in-Charge, Emergency Medicine


Lead Paramedic, Rovaniemi base


Chief Pilot, Rovaniemi base