Helicopter Emergency Medical Services in Finland

FinnHEMS 10 – Vantaa

The FinnHems base in Vantaa is located at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

The physician-staffed HEMS helicopter based in Vantaa serves the entire Uusimaa region in and around the Finnish capital Helsinki. On average, the base carries out approximately seven missions in a day and 2,600 missions in a year. Most missions involve an accident or a failure of basic vital functions: patients are unconscious or lifeless or have breathing difficulties. The emergency response centre decides when the HEMS unit is dispatched to a scene of emergency.

Staff and key people

HEMS operations require seamless cooperation between professionals from various fields. In total, the Vantaa FinnHEMS 10 base has 29 employees: 16 EMS physicians from HYKS Akuutti, 6 pilots, and 7 HEMS crew members. In addition, FinnHEMS medical and flight experts and the flight operator’s experts continuously work to maintain the high quality and safety of HEMS operations.

At the Vantaa base, emergency medical services are operated by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and flight operations by Skärgårdshavets Helikoptertjänst Ab (SHT Ab).

Lead Physician, Vantaa base


HYKS Akuutti, line director
Chief Pilot, Vantaa base