Blog: Next is Now – thoughts on future EMS

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International congresses are priceless when it comes to networking, following up on research and development, and developing your own competence in the field. In order to plan R&D activities it is crucial to know what is going on at home and abroad. 

In April, EMS professionals were once again gathered in Copenhagen for the EMS2018 congress. In three years the congress has become one of the leading events in Europe and each year it has offered meaningful encounters, knowledge and new ideas.

I think investing in congress attendance is very much worth it. Three intensive days of listening to the best experts in the field – not to mention the discussions during breaks! – stimulate thinking in a whole different way than regular days at the office. Besides international networking, events like this also provide the opportunity to reflect upon the national developments, trends and prospects with Finnish colleagues. It’s delightful to see that, in many respects, the Finnish EMS system is well advanced and that high quality research isdone in Finland, too.