Nationwide medical helicopter services were transferred to FinnHEMS

The flight operations of Finnish medical helicopters were fully transferred to the state-owned company FinnHEMS on 11 February 2022, when the service agreement between FinnHEMS and flight operator Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance expired. In the future, nationwide HEMS operations will be carried out by FinnHEMS’ subsidiary FinnHEMS Flight Services Ltd at all medical helicopter bases in Finland.

FinnHEMS’ new flight operations organisation currently operates at all six medical helicopter bases in Finland. Flight crew conversion training is still underway at the northern bases.

“The major administrative change was carried out within the given deadline, on a very tight schedule. All necessary structures are now in place: personnel, equipment, the new flight operations organisation, and related manuals,” says FinnHEMS’ CEO Jari Huhtinen.

“We will continue to work on developing our human resources and operations.”

Helicopters and flight crew were gradually transferred to FinnHEMS

The Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy introduced a revised plan for medical helicopter operations in 2019. The goal was for FinnHEMS to take over nationwide medical helicopter operations from 2022 onwards and for the company to acquire its own helicopter fleet and flight crew for that purpose.

In the autumn of 2020, the operator of FinnHEMS’ southern bases became the company’s subsidiary. With these changes, flight operations in the northern region were taken over by the company’s subsidiary FinnHEMS Flight Services Ltd.

The flight crew at the northern bases were transferred to FinnHEMS as part of the business transfer. FinnHEMS has agreed on the lease of the EC135 and H145 helicopters currently in use for the next five years as a temporary solution before acquiring its own helicopter fleet.

Medical services will continue to be provided by the university hospitals and the Lapland Hospital District.

Further information:

CEO Jari Huhtinen, FinnHEMS Oy, tel. +358 40 720 9921

FinnHEMS Oy is a state-owned company that manages the nationwide system of medical helicopters in Finland. The company provides emergency medical services in collaboration with the university hospitals of Finland. FinnHEMS’ medical helicopters and crew are on call 24/7 at six operating bases across Finland. FinnHEMS is a non-profit company founded in 2010.